Can You Really Kill Fleas on Dogs by Drowning Them in Water?


The idea of using water to kill an insect may seem like a great idea. It would certainly be the cheapest and safest method for your pooch. The problem with fleas is they are not only tiny but can hop quite high and are strategically fast. You will quickly find yourself overrun when you realize the water has done nothing for your dog.

Why doesn’t it work?

Fleas are enduring and tough. Similar to an ant, a flea can fall from a great distance and remain completely unharmed. This means they can jump off your dog’s body onto any surface and live. Not only that, but even when they are fully submerged in water, they can live a very long time.

Fleas are ridiculously fast. They can be half way down your dog’s body in the blink of an eye. Often times dog owners don’t even realize their pooch has a flea issue until they are infested with them. This is because they are notoriously fast little buggers that often escape the human eye!

Fleas can jump 66 times their body size. One flea is capable of jumping a distance of over 8 inches in one hop and as high as 6 inches. When you consider their actual size, that is quite impressive! This also just spells out trouble for you. If you don’t think they can out-hop water, guess again.


Knowing that water alone is not the solution, you will have to find a solution best fitted for your pooch’s health! Vet’s offer topical solutions to both kill and prevent the fleas from returning. There is also an option in pill form to kill the bugs from the inside out, making your dog’s skin and hair toxic to them. Rest assured that this is not your only option if you prefer the natural approach.

One of the best natural options for both you and your canine companion is simple and cheap; Lavender! Many insects can’t stand the smell and to some, it is even toxic. Using lavender essential oil in the same fashion you would medicated flea killer, you put it between the shoulder blades and it goes to work. You can also bathe your dog using a shampoo with lavender in it prior to application.

Warning: Because lavender oil is potent, is should only be placed on the fur, not directly on the skin.

As for your home, fleas can go just about anywhere so it is important to treat all dogs and cats who live under the same roof. Be sure to take care of the problem soon as you become aware of it because fleas can quickly become an infestation both on your pets and in your home.


5 Essential Pit Bull Nutrition Tips


While all dogs require the same nutrients, not all breeds require the same amounts of said nutrients. The same can be said for how they digest, work, and play! This can be confusing when looking for the best possible nutritional balance for your Pit. To make your job easier being the best Pit-mommy or Pit-daddy you can be, here are 5 nutritional tips to keep your four-legged fur child happy and healthy!


High Protein Diet


Unlike other breeds similar in size to Pit Bulls, Pits require a diet higher in protein like larger working breeds. When choosing a brand of food, be sure that a whole protein source is always the first ingredient. Limiting ingredients like corn, wheat, and soy is also important because they can interfere with protein absorption.


Sticking To A Schedule


A Pit Bull’s digestive system can greatly benefit from sticking to a nearly perfect feeding schedule. Most Pits do just fine eating once a day but can be fed up to twice if you prefer. Be sure that they are being fed the same amount daily around the same time day in and out.


Go Green.. And A Little Orange Too!


While all dogs are instinctively carnivorous, they do best with some veggies in their diet. Most dogs will actually openly accept many different kinds of vegetables as a standalone treat which makes your job easier! Try giving your Pit different types like carrots, asparagus, broccoli, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes.


Know The Numbers


Pits are very active and highly compact tanks! The average weight of an adult Pit Bull is about 45 pounds. What about daily calories? Well, this may shock you but an active Pit requires around 1,700 calories a day! Slightly more for bigger Pits and slightly less for smaller Pits. They eat on par with adult German Shepherds (90 pound average) who need 1,650 per day.


Get Moving


In order for a Pit to retain his or her naturally muscular physique, daily exercise is a MUST! Active play every day will not only keep your Pit in shape but is necessary to digest the high protein diet they require. It is very easy for a Pit Bull to get over weight if they are not living the active lifestyle they require. Daily walk with your Pit is a good start but you will also need to incorporate muscle toning workouts such as playing tug and fetch.


The more active you allow your Pit Bull to be, the happier, calmer, and more healthy they will remain throughout their whole life.

Choosing the Best Dog Food

Smiling young businessman with his dog sitting on grass in a par

For most people, choosing dog food can be quite confusing. However, there are some guidelines that a dog owner should consider when purchasing dog food. There are many companies marketing dog food today. This makes it harder for a client to determine the most legitimate one. When purchasing dog food, a person should always consider nutritional needs. When the dog is fed with nutritious food, it is likely to lead a high quality of life. To enhance the longevity of the dog, it should be fed with nutritious food. One of the major mistakes that dog owners make is considering taste as the most important factor. More often than not, the tasty food is not nutritious. Here’s a good read about Indestructible Dog Beds, check it out!

When the food bought is not nutritious, the dog is likely to suffer from obesity. Indeed, obesity is one of the leading killers among dogs. Before purchasing dog food, a person should always seek some professional advice. To identify the best dog food, a lot of research is required. A person should take advantage of professionals since they have conducted a lot of research. Such professionals also know the most important nutrients for a particular dog. Before consulting the professional, the client has to ensure that he is quite experienced. Before seeking for advice from the professional, the client should always consider their educational background. For more useful reference regarding Homemade Dog Food, have a peek here.

Those trained as veterinarians are in a good position to give such advice. It is also advisable to consider the advice of a nutritionist in the process of purchasing dog food. There are some professionals who have put up websites to educate their clients more. Before buying food for the dog, a person should always consider allergy. To prevent an itchy skin in the dogs, the owner should look for the food that is not likely to trigger an allergy. There are some foods which are known to play an important role in triggering allergies. For instance, beef is known as one of the major causes of an allergy.

Eggs are also known to play an important role in causing an allergy. It is also advisable to avoid some daily products since they are known for causing allergies in dogs. When choosing commercial dog food, a person should be very careful. A person should choose the food that has not been prepared using chemicals. When chemicals have been used in the preparation of dog food, they are likely to affect its health in a negative way. Kindly visit this website for more great tips!

The Benefits of Owning and Caring for a Dog


If you have longed to own your own pet for many years, and are considering purchasing a dog, you might want to know what this step will give you. It is wonderful to know that owning a dog ensures people of many good things, and not one bad thing. When you own a dog, for example, you will have a companion who is friendly, loyal and loving. You have probably heard of all the stories of heroic dogs who have done so much to protect and care for their owners. Having a dog, however, can gain you even more benefits than just a companion who will soon be your best friend. To gather more awesome ideas on dogs, click here to get started.

When you own a dog, you will also gain the benefit of better health. Did you know that those who own dogs are less likely to suffer from heart disease than those who don’t? Owning a dog also means getting rid of stress. If you are a busy person, you might feel that there are a hundred reasons in your life that work together to make you feel stressed all the time. A dog is certainly not one of them. Instead, a dog can be your alleviation from stress. Playing with your dog can be the best time of your day, as the friendly attitude and charm of this animal can work wonders in the human mind. Read more great facts on puppy food, go here.

If you have children, you will also be happy to know that buying a dog will be good for them. For one thing, they can learn to love and care for an animal that might soon become a real friend to them. Dogs are also wonderful for their health, as studies have shown that kids who grow up with pets are less likely to develop allergies and eczema. Of course, there is no telling what joy a dog can bring to your children, as children naturally love and have a bond to animals.

It is also wonderful to know that caring for a dog will not be difficult at all. If you are ready to buy and bring a dog home, make sure that you also have a reputable place at which you can buy things that will make your dog happy. These things include pet food, a good bed in which your dog will sleep well, and dog toys. When all is set, you can be sure that you are ready to bring your next best friend home. Please view this site for further details.

Valuing Your Dog’s Necessity


Dogs are mans’ best friends. Cliche as it may sound but this is reality wherever you are living in this planet. But as a dog owner, you need to be responsible and be able to provide what your dog’s necessities are. Learn more about dogs, click here

Basically, there are three major necessities that your dogs need in order for them to be happy and live a longer life. These are food, health and love!.

Food will always be a need for a living thing such as dogs. But you need to remember that a dog doesn’t eat anything. A dog must eat the right food and not just leftovers that you throw from your fridge. Put in mind that leftovers already have bacteria and germs. Aside from that, it possesses a foul smell that is unpleasant to dogs so how are they going to eat it? Dogs should be treated as a child. If they are still new born, they need to drink milk. As they grow, their food should also grow up with them by gradually feeding them dog food that is right for their age. Dog foods are the safest meals to feed your dog and it can only be bought from legit dog shops, malls or even vets. Feeding them with the right food will let them live happily and longer. Find out for further details on Chew Proof Dog Beds right here.

Next necessity is health. Dogs are also prone to sickness just like humans. For puppies, they are more exposed to sickness, even life-threatening ones such as parvo virus. Therefore, you must ensure that they get the necessary vaccines and medicines to remain healthy and avoid sickness that might shorten their life. Bringing them to a vet will do the trick. You can do this the moment the puppy is born. Your puppy needs a regular check-up with or without any sickness.

Lastly, love is also a necessity for dogs. Love, care and affection also give happiness to dogs just like human need. If you are a dog lover, you will treat your dog as your own baby. You will feed them, bathe them, give them a stroll in the park, talk to them, cuddle with them, or play with them. These little things mean a lot to these dogs. You will notice that a dog with a loving owner is healthier and cuter compared to a dog whose owner doesn’t care for them or they don’t have an owner of their own. Loving a dog will always be the reason why dogs are truly man’s best friends. Take a look at this link for more information.